Nine debutantes were presented to Bishop Michael Kennedy and matron of honour Monique Hannaford at the Catholic Debutante Ball in the Town Hall last Friday night.

Organised by the Combined Catholic Schools P&F, debs at the nautical Love Boat-themed ball were keen to wear their carefully chosen gowns as they “took their bow to society”.

The formal dance beautifully choreographed by Paula Carmody to Lady GaGa’s I Will Always Remember Us This Way had the crowd spellbound with its grace and style, but when music for the “fun” dance filled the hall, the crowd erupted as the debs and partners took the floor for the Kenny Loggins classic Footloose.

Flowergirls Matilda Ramien and Belle Nichols almost stole the show in their beautiful white dresses as they also danced along to Footloose in front of 200 guests.

Among the special guests were St Joseph’s parish priest Fr Abmar, Gunnedah mayor Jamie Chaffey and his wife and Judy, St Mary’s College principal Bern Feldman and her husband David,

Combined Catholic Schools P&F president Ana Bueno and Nathaniel Gomes. The theme song from Love Boat played as officials were introduced to ball patrons.

The ball was a massive joint event between conveners, Georgie Nichols, Alanna Gallagher and the P&F committee. Unfortunately, debutante Elissa Groth and partner Connor Wood had to withdraw due to COVID

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