Kenneth George Howes, Kelvin, writes:

I sent the letter below to my federal MP: 

I am a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and New Zealand and a registered company auditor having been a principal in public practice on the Central Coast for over 50 years.

May I respectfully suggest a major part of the employee shortage. would be solved if the government revisited the means test on aged pensioners. 

The government should encourage the return to work even part time of retired people. 

Because they are already living in Australia there would be no added stress to the housing shortage. 

Because they are qualified, willing and able  to work they are ready to go.   

The effect would be immediate because the added income would increase their dignity with being better able to fund their retirement. 

They stay at home because the government reduces their pension by 50 per cent of each $1 earned over $300 a fortnight and still taxes them on their total earnings. 

This is unfair and cannot be justified.

The government must act now and not just a little touch up there and there.  

A major rethink is needed. 

Increase the amount a pensioner can earn before affecting their pension to $500 a week per pensioner $1000 per week per pensioner couple.

In aged care a retired nurse could work two to three days a week, job sharing with other retired nurses.   

Or even work full time three months a year and still enjoy their retirement for nine months. 

Please present this letter to your fellow members. 

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