Gunnedah Speedway was host to 98 nominations at the AMCA NSW Title on Saturday night with the promise of a title announced drawing in a large crowd.

In the end it was Queenslander Steve Potts who took the award home with him.

Gunnedah Speedway life members Ray and Joy Darcey were commentating and scoring respectively at the event.

Among the racers was an Australian champion and a Queensland champion.

While Potts had won the AMCA NSW title before, it seemed to Ray Darcey there were others likely to win.

“[Potts] probably wouldn’t have been one of the favourites to win it but he was very consistent through the qualifying and also in the main race,” Ray Darcey said.

“He led the main race for probably about half of it.”

NSW AMCA title winner was Steve Potts from Queensland. Photos: Wendy Goninon.

Most of the Gunnedah Speedway club racers were at the track on Saturday.

The three Keelers, Trent, Todd and Kevin had competed in their favoured racing classes.

Trent campaigned a new car on Saturday and while many may be cautious, he proved his skills and car were capable of taking out second place in the street stockers.

“He performed really well, I think he won two out of his three heats,” Darcey said.

“Not many times they put a brand new car on the track and get it to do what they want it to do straight up – he did really well.”

Simon Hood came third in the street stockers while Scott Lawler came second among the four-cylinder sedans.

Justin Partridge competed in the four-cylinder class, winning all races in which he particpated, including the three heats and feature race.

“He is a very experienced speedway driver, he has been driving for a lot of years,” Darcey said.

The type of car he drives is now allowed to have a passenger in the car while racing so he had Wendy Mortimer along for the ride.

Professional boxer Enja Ryan switched gears by trying her hand at the speedway event by driving a fender bender.

“She acquitted herself quite well, that was the first time she had been out there [on the track],” Darcey said.

NSW AMCA title winners: Steve Potts from Queensland took the title at the end of the night. Pictured is Paul Reeves, Tony Blanch, Steve Potts, Tim Reidy and Brett Robotham. Photo: Wendy Goninon.

Matt Cobb raced in the street stockers while son Louis raced in the junior section.

He had only been to a handful of meets but is making progress according to Darcey.

“He acquitted himself quite well on [Saturday] night too for a young guy who just stepped off the street so to speak, he went really well,” Darcey said.

“We had a good [number] of juniors [on Saturday] night, there were about 14 of them in all.”

It was Narrabri’s Wyatt Lawler who topped the juniors and by doing so lived up to his title as the NSW junior champion.

This was his first local race meet with the number one on his car, which had been earnt at Cullen Bullen.

Lawler still has a few more years in the junior category which accommodates children and teens from 10 to 17-years-old.

“The experience he has got and the capabilities that he has got, he is probably a long way ahead of a lot of people,” Darcey said.

“He is a very accomplished, very established junior driver.”

The track owner and promoter, Barry Towers, held the event while Gunnedah Speedway club members did the background work to ensure the night ran smoothly.

“It was actually a great night, it was probably one of the biggest crowd nights [Towers] has probably had for a lot of years,” Darcey said

“The place was absolutely packed.”

Saturday had perfect weather for the race meet guests after being postponed previously due to rain.

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