After 50 years in the beauty industry and 32 years of running her own business, Etcetera Skin Therapy and Beauty businesswoman Del Hayne is semi-retiring.

Etcetera started as a single-operator business working around school hours, but it quickly grew thanks to Del’s tenacity, drive, passion and desire to learn and teach. 

“My inspiration behind Etcetera came from the many years I had in the industry and the difficulties of getting employed with four kids, so I decided to start my own business,” Del said.

“I currently have a team of five wonderful girls, including Sharon Katchel who has been with me for nearly 26 years, but I have trained many apprentices and employed numerous employees over the years who have gone on to run their own successful businesses.”

It is Del’s thirst for knowledge which is unparalleled, not only for herself but for her team, always offering continuing education for her employees, enabling them to reach their full potential. 

“The whole beauty industry has grown exponentially,” Del said.

“Continuing to learn and develop is crucial. A good education is important, but it is the mistakes you make along the way which you learn from that make you the best therapist.

“My business and I have remained at a high level for a long period of time, maintaining a friendly and professional approach. I want customers to walk through the door feeling welcomed and a sense of warmth.”

COVID provided some of the biggest challenges for Del to date, with the beauty industry hit incredibly hard by lockdowns and social distancing measures.

“Etcetera survived the global financial crisis and now COVID, but it was difficult, because as an employer, you are responsible for the health and safety of your team,” Del said. 

Del’s advice to any woman contemplating starting a business is to ensure they are educated and experienced in their industry.

“An education in employee management and business management is important and surround yourself with good business people, like an experienced accountant,” Del said.

“Work with contacts throughout the industry, develop a business plan and ensure you pay your bills and wages on time. 

“Most importantly, have regular meetings with your employees and listen to them. Allow them to grow wings and fly and encourage their talent.”

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