Wayne Langdon has stepped down as captain of the Gunnedah RFS after 15 years at the helm.

The dedicated firefighter is staying on as senior deputy captain, however, continuing to mentor the next generation of first responders and serve the community.

“I am a third-generation firefighter and my children are with the Gunnedah RFS, so they are the fourth,” Mr Langdon said.

My father was the brigade captain at Kelvin and my grandfather was the secretary there and I have always been passionate about bush firefighting. I started at the Kelvin brigade after I left school.

“I have enjoyed the role of captain, serving and giving back to the community and having that responsibility, but now is the time to take a step back and let someone else have a go. 

“The new captain, Andrew Doolan, was an officer under me who I mentored and it is time for him to take on the role.”

Mr Langdon said it was the year 2013 which really tested his resolve as a captain.

“There were four major grass fires that year,” he said.

“Beeson Road was the biggest I took part in as captain and it really put my leadership skills to the test.

“I have also attended to a number of car and structure fires over the years and I have built a great relationship with the other emergency services.”

For now, Mr Langdon is looking forward to doing some travelling around Australia with his wife and continuing his life-long passion of firefighting. 

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