Cases of Parvovirus have already raised concerns in Gunnedah this year with residents encouraged to vaccinate their puppies and dogs.

Parvovirus is a gastrointestinal viral disease that grows rapidly and can be deadly.

The disease is often rampant during the warmer months with cases being in full swing during the summer.

The Gunnedah Veterinary Hospital has already run 16 tests since the beginning of the year.

Dogs can still catch the disease when cases are low due to infected environments.

Parvovirus is resilient, meaning an environment contaminated with the disease can live in the soil for up to nine years. 

Not only can dogs contract the disease from an infected animal but also from these contaminated areas.

Symptoms of the disease can include vomiting, bloody diarrhoea, lack of appetite and lethargy and is most prevalent in puppies and unvaccinated dogs.

Most cases that are treated fully survive, however, it is expensive and many positive cases result in the dog being euthanised or passing away at home.

Regular vaccinations are effective and a dog’s best defence against the disease.

Gunnedah Veterinary Hospital recommends that puppies receive three initial vaccinations between six to 16 weeks old and then once annually.

It is important if a resident is suspicious their dog has the disease to isolate it and call the veterinary hospital where they can receive further instructions and information.

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